Monday, March 16, 2009

Regarding the gunman (or maybe gun-boy) in Waiblingen, Germany:

Searching his bedroom, the police found violent computer games — in which, experts say, players digitally clothe and arm themselves for combat — plus brutal videos and play weapons that fire small yellow pellets, said Siegfried Mahler of the Stuttgart prosecutors' office.

Surce: International Herald Tribune (I found it first in the March 13, New York Times)

My question is: why are they so cagey about saying what they found? Sounds to me like they found the kid plays WoW (or something like it) and Air Soft. If that was the case, why don't they come out and just say so? The only reason I can think of is it wouldn't sound as dangerous.

I guess I should throw in a token "Don't blame the game" Reddit link (By the way, I'm not saying I lean either way on that one.)

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