Tuesday, October 19, 2010

XKCD makes in interesting point, my mistake.

Today's XKCD makes the point that of a number of crazy phenomenon, only the proven ones are used by capitalistic businesses. The claim being that the rest aren't real. Well I can agree with him on all but one; prayer. But then again, it's the only one he mentions that can't be monetized even if it's scientifically proven to work. (Then again even I think your crazy if you choose to forgo normal medicine in favor of only prayer, so he's not totally without a point.)

Friday, October 1, 2010

This season on TV...

Well there's a few new shows I'm following this season: The Undercovers, No Ordinary Family, The Event and Chase. The Undercovers is a bit formulaic, the plot is okay but it doesn't have anything to set it apart. No Ordinary Family has an interesting plot, sort of a light hearted Heros, but from the pilot I'm not sure if it's going to drift more towards the serialized drama/mystery or the comic side (I hope the latter). The Event is a blatant me-too serialized drama/mystery in the same direction as half the successful shows from the last few years. So far, it seems to move a little bit faster than most and doesn't seem to be afraid of telling the viewers what the heck is going on, both good things in my book, so it might stay interesting.

The one real stand out so far is Chase. In some ways, a standard procedural, but it shows a lot of action from the fugitives standpoint and seems to be trying hard to not paint the bad guy as a 2D monster. The first two episodes have managed to present characters that are simultaneously convincing bad guys and real humans. If they can keep it up, I think I'm going to like this one.