Monday, April 27, 2009

This seems a bit "off" to me.

I'm haven't dug into this at all but something is not right here:

FBI Defends Disruptive Raids on Texas Data Centers

The up shot of it is that the FBI raided a few data co-location centers based on a fraud claim by AT&T and Verizon (basically unpaid bills for accounts that my have been set up with falsified information) and walked out with hundreds of servers who's only crime might well be that they were in the same co-location building a servers used for a crime... maybe.

If this was a Hollywood drama/comedy I can just imagine the ending:

FBI spokesman, a year or so down the line: We'er sorry about putting those businesses into bankruptcy by taking there servers because we couldn't tell tell they weren't owned by the bad guys we were after and didn't bother listening to the site manger when he told us exactly that.

I don't think it will be that bad but I'm sure someone should feel ashamed of how they ran this little operation.

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